Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 20, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Loses fur Sheds
Capri or Wight Isle
A Baldwin Alec
Hazard Peril
Goad Spur
Tragic king Lear
Get up Arise
Ease Alleviate
____ Witherspoon of “Walk the Line” Reese
Have a cold Ail
Roof edges Eaves
Boot out Evict
Gobi, for one Desert
Merited Earned
Insignificant Mere
Scads (2 wds.) Alot
Notions Ideas
Thick slice Slab
Cry loudly Sob
Deposes Ousts
Savings plan (abbr.) Ira
Be abundant Teem
Sample food Taste
Finished Over
Malicious Evil
Peruse again Reread
Radio noise Static
Flower part Petal
Trio number Three
Storage box Bin
Lucifer Satan
Modernized Remodeled
Foolish Inane
Customer User
Mexican dish Taco
Rewrites Edits
Turner and Kennedy Teds
Gnaw Chew
Stage parts Roles


Mast Spar
At this location Here
Huron’s neighbor Erie
Disagreement Dissent
Garment part Sleeve
Singer ____ Hayes Isaac
Divided Split
Soothe Lull
Poet’s “before” Ere
Pseudonyms Aliases
Take off Leave
Consumer Eater
Wave top Crest
Change direction Veer
Stupid Idiotic
Meal ender Dessert
Toward the sunrise East
Medicinal plant Aloe
Judge’s wear Robe
Damon or Dillon Matt
Twofold Dual
19th letter Ess
In person Live
Zone Area
Shakespeare, e.g. Bard
Crater makers Meteors
Actor ____ Bloom Orlando
Competed Vied
Simpler Easier
Swagger Strut
The ones here These
Carrying a weapon Armed
Fragment Piece
Finance Endow
Unexciting Blah
Kite part Tail
Poker bet Ante
Scottish loch Ness
And so on (abbr.) Etc
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