Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 21, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Bridge Span
Angry Sore
Fathers Papas
California valley Napa
Pub drinks Ales
Nimble Agile
Elects Opts
Existence Life
High-strung Tense
Not absolute Relative
Engine part Piston
Endeavor Try
Supervise Oversee
Rowing blade Oar
Emotional stress Tension
Distant Afar
Tiny speck Particle
Daft Loco
Raises children Rears
Low grades Dees
Decoration Ornament
Love deity Eros
Green gem Emerald
Track circuit Lap
Paraphrase Restate
Presidential nickname Abe
Early car (2 wds.) Modelt
“____ Pie” American
Dodge Evade
Earnest request Plea
Facial feature Nose
Glossy fabric Satin
Many years Eons
Physically fit Trim
List of candidates Slate
Chip in Ante
Merely Only


Nasal sound Snort
Document Paper
Fittingly Aptly
Apollo agcy. Nasa
Spit Saliva
“____ Twist” Oliver
Allude Refer
Compass reading (abbr.) Ese
Hospital occupant Patient
Ripens Ages
Half quart Pint
And Also
Visualized Seen
As well as Too
Equals Peers
“A ____ Is Born” Star
Faction Side
Froster Icer
Butter alternative Oleo
Famous loch Ness
Burn balm Aloe
Mold Form
Teen skin problem Acne
Loud noise Roar
Butter portion Pat
Rent again Relet
Completes Ends
Actress ____ Dietrich Marlene
Bemoan Lament
Sergeant’s command (2 wds.) Atease
____ diem Per
Eagle’s claw Talon
Oak nut Acorn
Pesto ingredient Basil
Foe Enemy
Army meal Mess
Egg-shaped Oval
Computer output Data
Censor Edit
Get ____ trouble Into
Garden vegetable Pea
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