Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 22, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Invitation letters Rsvp
She, in Seville Ella
Office notes Memos
Copier Aper
Destroy Ruin
Gladden Elate
Chess term Mate
Orient East
Rich dessert Torte
Initiate a criminal trial Prosecute
Wharf Pier
NY time zone Est
Smudges Smears
Penn and Connery Seans
Scheduled Slated
Trash Waste
Roaming tribesman Nomad
Car fuel Gas
Blvd. Ave
Capital of Kenya Nairobi
Halloween mo. Oct
Pro vote Yea
Apple drink Cider
Venomous snake Cobra
Tranquil Serene
Colder Icier
School playtime Recess
One (Sp.) Uno
Boat paddles Oars
Asserted Contended
Operatic melodies Arias
Touch on Abut
____ Scotia Nova
Plant stalks Stems
Manner Mode
Finished Over
Flung Threw
Nobleman Peer
Landlord’s due Rent


Highway exit Ramp
Shadowbox Spar
Presidential power Veto
Gift Present
Put up Erect
Hawaiian feast Luau
“Schindler’s ____” List
Initial wager Ante
Shea player Met
Fled to wed Eloped
“West Side Story” character Maria
Furry swimmer Otter
Clairvoyants Seers
Basic natures Essences
Guess Stab
Drug Medicine
Influence Sway
Icicle’s spot Eave
Sailing Asea
Disparaging Snide
Actress Sophia ____ Loren
Love, in Rome Amore
Asian desert Gobi
Land measure Acre
Heavenly light Star
Broadcasts Airs
Sandra Day ____ Oconnor
Flavorful seed Sesame
Sunday dinner item Roast
Our planet Earth
Town’s announcer Crier
Absolute Utter
Tent site Camp
Double-reed instrument Oboe
Naked Nude
Bird of peace Dove
Fair Even
Move quickly Dart
Compass pt. Ssw
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