Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 23, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Go away! Scat
Mild oath Darn
____ beam Laser
Every Each
Lotion ingredient Aloe
Burning Afire
Ohio lake Erie
Office note Memo
Red ____ (fighter pilot) Baron
Government health program Medicare
Most tender Sorest
Renovator Restorer
Opposite of NNW Sse
Approvals Oks
Supervise Oversee
SOS! Help
____ Cup (yacht race) Americas
Object of adoration Idol
UFO pilot Alien
Droops Sags
Revoked Repealed
____ Macpherson Elle
Traitor’s crime Treason
Pose Sit
____ Plaines, Illinois Des
Time saver Shortcut
“Lawrence of ____” Arabia
Not a copy Original
Monikers Names
Enlightened one’s words (2 wds.) Isee
Yep’s opposite Nope
Goody Treat
Hit-or-____ Miss
Leaves Goes
Transmits Sends
Irritant Pest
Odds and ____ Ends


Look Seem
Feel concern Care
Boric ____ Acid
Possessive pronoun Their
Heavy linen Damask
Warns Alerts
Juliet’s love Romeo
Keanu Reeves role Neo
Worker Laborer
Remote Afar
Royal title Sire
Greek god Eros
Tenant’s monthly bill Rent
Corporate VIP Ceo
VII Seven
European capital Rome
Blouse Shirt
Passover feast Seder
Marry secretly Elope
Ascend Rise
Burn with steam Scald
U.S. symbol Eagle
Road bends Esses
Petition Plea
Assist Aid
Honolulu greeting Aloha
Carson’s successor Leno
Lends a hand Assists
Tension Stress
Most frigid Iciest
Yank Tug
____ O’Donnell of TV Rosie
Hint of a color Tinge
Picnic pests Ants
Steak order Rare
So be it! Amen
Necklace part Bead
Lunchtime Noon
Imitated Aped
Smaller amount Less
Mischief-maker Imp
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