Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 25, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Insane Loco
Butter units Pats
Said further Added
Tehran’s land Iran
Fairy tale monster Ogre
Brief Terse
Emporium Mart
Small rip Tear
Tenant’s document Lease
Kid’s stipend Allowance
Carrying a weapon Armed
Goes to Attends
Pack animal Ass
California city Fresno
Favorable vote Aye
Rented again Relet
Carnival attractions Rides
Child’s game Tag
Jazz great ____ Fitzgerald Ella
No way! Never
Toll road Pike
Private ____ Eye
Musical tones Notes
Jeans fabric Denim
Always, in verse Eer
Dubuque residents Iowans
____ and don’ts Dos
Ridiculous Asinine
Computer key Enter
Water under the Brooklyn Bridge (2 wds.) Eastriver
Depart Leave
Wicked Vile
Food shop Deli
Yarns Tales
Balanced Even
Drooping Limp
On one’s toes Alert
Take a break Rest
Besides that Else


South American capital Lima
Not written Oral
Scientist ____ Sagan Carl
Atop Onto
Couch ____ Potato
CIA employee Agent
Track down Trace
Love songs Serenades
Map books Atlases
Bambi, for one Deer
Serious play Drama
Curved letters Esses
Acts Deeds
Wish for Want
Color changer Dyer
Unconfined Free
Depend Rely
She, in Nice Elle
Adriatic, e.g. Sea
Labrador ____ Retriever
“____ Got Sixpence” Ive
Rocker ____ Turner Tina
Similar Akin
Ring stones Gems
Nays Noes
Sunday seat Pew
Closest Nearest
Go-getter Doer
Purpose Intent
Letter before epsilon Delta
Basketball’s Shaquille ____ Oneal
Not fresh Stale
Innocent Naive
The British ____ Isles
At all times Ever
Inactive Idle
Face covering Veil
Stately trees Elms
Ready to eat Ripe
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