Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 09, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Brashness Sass
____ and ends Odds
Likely Prone
Stop Halt
Gather crops Reap
Pavarotti, e.g. Tenor
Vicinity Area
Supporter Benefactor
Verse makers Poets
Defense spray Mace
Long periods Eons
Lures Entices
Turner and Williams Teds
Pres. Coolidge Cal
Male vendors Salesmen
Sidekick Pal
Lamb’s sound Bleat
Use a loom Weave
Funnyman ____ Idle Eric
Role player Actor
Actress ____ Barrymore Drew
Injury marks Scars
Gem weight Carat
Snaky shape Ess
Endanger Threaten
Pod inhabitant Pea
Hymnal word Amen
Stricter Sterner
Rampage Riot
Doctor’s “at once!” Stat
Boulder Stone
____ revolution Industrial
Animal skin Hide
Shop Store
Not busy Idle
Utilized Used
Seoul’s country Korea
Welshman Celt
Cincinnati baseballers Reds


Figure Shape
Baseball great Hank ____ Aaron
Winter forecast Sleet
____ electricity Static
Ball Orb
Regards Deems
____ Carvey of “Wayne’s World” Dana
Onlooker Spectator
School group (abbr.) Pta
Indented Recessed
Aware of Onto
Midday Noon
Does wrong Errs
Touch Feel
Strike-breaker Scab
She, in Madrid Ella
Morning droplets Dew
The Devil Satan
Mother horse Mare
Preceding nights Eves
Current events News
Irritant Pest
Curved doorway Arch
One who fibs Liar
Oddball Eccentric
Beast Creature
Attentive Rapt
Yosemite ____ Sam
Ball holders Tees
Experiment Test
Playwright ____ Miller Arthur
Stable section Stall
Library no-no Noise
Terminated Ended
Marsh plants Reeds
Venture Risk
Fascinated by Into
Scent Odor
Staff officer Aide
Dead ____ Scrolls Sea
Allow Let
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