Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 10, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Supported Borne
Corn cores Cobs
On the peak Atop
Basketball’s Shaquille ____ Oneal
Broadcasts Airs
Unchanged Same
Solemn Staid
Pincer Claw
Brief play Skit
Gathered Collected
Counts calories Diets
Stated Said
Price markers Tags
Showers frozen rain Sleets
Author’s pseudonym (2 wds.) Penname
Friendly Nice
Like Swiss mountains Alpine
Golf norm Par
Love, in Rome Amore
Acorn dropper Oak
Beatle Ringo ____ Starr
Card game Gin
Italian seaport Naples
Historic canal Erie
What cabinets are used for Storage
Thrilled Elated
Aromatic spice Mace
Over Done
Sleeved garment Shirt
Most sensitive Tenderest
Delicate fabric Lace
Surrealism’s Salvador ____ Dali
Cowboy show Rodeo
Retirement accts. Iras
Female voice Alto
Choose by vote Elect
Skin Pelt
College official Dean
Fender dimples Dents


Pear type Bosc
Informed about Onto
Authentic Real
Hammer’s target Nail
Firstborn Eldest
Spiny plants Cacti
Lubricated Oiled
Actor ____ Pitt Brad
Vane dir. Ssw
Appoint Assign
Disassembles (2 wds.) Takesapart
Fail to include Omit
Cherished animals Pets
Juan’s house Casa
Copenhagen natives Danes
Twice five Ten
Catches Snags
Boundary Limit
Thrifty Economical
Eternally, in poems Eer
Toll road Pike
____ Antoinette Marie
Made mistakes Erred
Bound Lope
Friend Pal
Legislate Enact
Pekoe, e.g. Tea
Grow old Age
Fax Send
Least common Rarest
Eyed slyly Leered
Greek letter Delta
Pungent bulb Onion
Lady’s undergarment Slip
Rabbitlike animal Hare
Saga Tale
Portrayal Role
Genesis site Eden
Religious order Sect
Toddlers Tots
Mom’s man Dad
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