Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 11, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Emporium Mart
Winter coat Parka
Opera singer Diva
Mellows Ages
Big cats Lions
Biblical garden Eden
Scrape roughly Rasp
Academic guidance Advisement
Stamping tool Die
Beginning Onset
Tears apart Rends
Consumption Intake
____ belt Seat
Not artificial Natural
African river Nile
Unpleasant Nasty
Unclothed Nude
Corn unit Cob
Tooth discomfort Ache
Clocked Timed
Clothes Garb
Expert Pro
On Atop
Fables Tales
Grain Seed
Sure Certain
Onion’s kin Leek
Feel sorry about Regret
Angry Irate
Mae and Adam Wests
Laughter syllable Hee
Slow down Decelerate
Knights Sirs
Lyric verses Odes
No way! Never
Platoon Unit
Missing Lost
Adversary Enemy
Negatives Noes


____ Gras Mardi
Once more Again
Bowler’s button Reset
1/3 TBSP Tsp
Jupiter, e.g. Planet
Helps Aids
Wander Rove
Make socks Knit
Braying beast Ass
Put down Demean
Like some twins Identical
Sell Vend
Picnic intruders Ants
Bard’s “before” Ere
Give approval to Okay
Poker opener Ante
Winter coaster Sled
Come together Unite
Hearsay Rumor
Proficient Adept
Folk wisdom Lore
Flows back Ebbs
Snoozes Naps
Land measure Acre
Sneaker ties Shoelaces
Small nail Tack
Band Gang
Formal accessories Ties
Loathe Detest
Blood vessel Artery
Wriggly fish Eel
Horned animal, for short Rhino
Creepy Eerie
Experiments Tests
Revered one Idol
Decorate again Redo
Small songbird Wren
Roof edge Eave
Flower support Stem
Opposite of WSW Ene
Solar body Sun
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