Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 12, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Freshwater fish Bass
Speedy Rapid
She, in Madrid Ella
Persia, today Iran
Unattended Alone
Rocker ____ Young Neil
Annoy Rile
Rope loop Noose
Gentle Tame
Saw socially Dated
Journey Trip
Always Ever
Enclose Wrap
Most cherished Dearest
School org. Pta
Disagreement Dissent
Like a painter Artistic
Conform Adapt
Observer Seer
Scent Aroma
Norway’s capital Oslo
Brief Terse
India’s neighbor Pakistan
Unbranded Generic
Bread choice Rye
TV series installment Episode
Fictional clownfish Nemo
Immense Vast
Johnny ____ of “Finding Neverland” Depp
Extend a subscription Renew
Merely Only
Ran in neutral Idled
Labyrinth Maze
Ship’s bottom Keel
Make joyful Elate
Yours and mine Ours
Or ____! Else
Taste or smell Sense
EMT’s word Stat


Sparrow, e.g. Bird
Opera song Aria
Ocean’s fluid (2 wds.) Saltwater
Scornful expression Sneer
Managed Ran
Oodles (2 wds.) Alot
Needy Poor
Interior Inside
Intensify Deepen
Join in Enter
Take off Leave
Green fruits Limes
Watchful Alert
Male parents Dads
Flat bread Pita
____ moment’s notice (2 wds.) Ata
Former Past
Forest plant Tree
Knight’s title Sir
Range Scope
Tax org. Irs
Roberto’s “two” Dos
Space station worker Astronaut
Stage drama Play
Musical sound Tone
Deface Mar
Related Akin
Self-esteem Ego
Bakery employee Icer
Whirlpools Eddies
Sewing item Needle
Call forth Evoke
Discussion group Panel
Small landmasses Isles
Current fashion Style
Office notes Memos
Make arrangements Plan
Household animals Pets
Poet ____ Pound Ezra
Sunset direction West
Low grade Dee
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