Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 13, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Crustacean Crab
Ardent Eager
Thick slice Slab
Path Lane
Ante Stake
Fork feature Tine
Border Edge
Margaret Cho, e.g. Comedienne
Wright Brothers’ invention Airplane
____ potato Sweet
Nursery item Toy
Perform surgery Operate
Scored on serve Aced
Naps Siestas
Cowboys’ contest Rodeo
Contend Vie
Exhaust Tire
Gorillas Apes
Harpoon Spear
A Baldwin Alec
Office message Memo
Color Hue
Excellent Great
Fragment Snippet
Speak indistinctly Slur
Breakfast cereal Oatmeal
Pistons’ league (abbr.) Nba
Spry Agile
Volcano event Eruption
Lizardlike amphibian Salamander
Cow crowd Herd
Associate Ally
Keaton or Sawyer Diane
Teen skin problem Acne
Mountain gap Pass
Actress ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Golf gadgets Tees


Shoe spike Cleat
Car accessory Radio
Furious Angry
Electronic reminder Beep
Flee Escape
Repented Atoned
Player Gamer
Squeak by Eke
Beet’s color Red
Fret Stew
Queue Line
Green Gables girl Anne
Borscht base Beet
Words of understanding (2 wds.) Isee
Insane Loco
India’s locale Asia
Level Tier
Fable author Aesop
Drummer Ringo ____ Starr
Mahjong piece Tile
Length times width Area
Religious group Sect
Ewes’ mates Rams
Not closed Open
____ Moore of “Ghost” Demi
Victory sign Vee
New York stadium Shea
Golf stroke Putt
Big swallow Gulp
Limerick, e.g. Poem
Unruffled Serene
Ralph ____ of fashion Lauren
Military award Medal
Sister’s daughter Niece
Carried Borne
Chile’s mountains Andes
Kin of PDQ Asap
Party Gala
Afflictions Ills
Places bricks Lays
“All ____ Jazz” That
Lime drink Ade
Zilch Nil
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