Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 14, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Islamic nation Iran
Frighten Scare
Complexion woe Acne
Shopper’s delight Sale
Slugger Hank ____ Aaron
For both sexes Coed
Competent Able
Available to anyone Unreserved
Honest ____ Lincoln Abe
Initial stake Ante
Shabby Seedy
Movie house Cinema
Plenty (2 wds.) Alot
Vienna’s country Austria
Snooty person Snob
Category Class
Contradictive contraction Isnt
Fork prong Tine
Harsh Austere
Perfume Essence
Sycamore or oak Tree
Laundry appliance Iron
Groom Preen
Broil Sear
Emotional stress Tension
Created Made
Dreary Dismal
Sun-dried brick Adobe
Lofty Tall
Genesis woman Eve
Monotonous Repetitive
Urgent request Plea
Like summertime tea Iced
Hearsay Rumor
Ripped Torn
Puts on Dons
Hearty soups Stews
Industrious insects Ants


Author ____ Asimov Isaac
Synagogue figure Rabbi
Comic Tim ____ Allen
Born as Nee
Finnish baths Saunas
Is unable Cant
In ____ (late with payment) Arrears
Future fish Roe
Printers’ measures Ens
Land unit Acre
Bay Cove
Requisite Need
Circular current Eddy
Washington, DC time zone Est
Entertain Amuse
____ Bunny Easter
Bedding Linens
Horse feed Oats
Having rows Tiered
Ships’ rears Sterns
Innings number Nine
Single time Once
Has-____ Been
Broadway hit Cats
Tempt Lure
Between continents Asea
Film legend ____ Hayworth Rita
Ruin Spoil
Former (hyph.) Onetime
Loafers Idlers
Ran across Met
Honeydew, e.g. Melon
Turn aside Avert
Slants Leans
Waterless Arid
Art ____ (’20s movement) Deco
Candid Open
Flower plots Beds
Profess Avow
Tax inits. Irs
King ____ Tut
School gp. Pta
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