Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 16, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Likewise Also
Fascinated by Into
Seasons Salts
Swerve Veer
Ooze Seep
Honolulu greeting Aloha
Continual Incessant
Lawful Legal
Finish an “i” Dot
Make well Cure
TV collie Lassie
Anger Ire
In good shape Trim
Beijing natives Chinese
Pseudonyms Aliases
Shirt size Large
Nimble Spry
Floor piece Tile
UFO pilot Alien
Prosecute Sue
Wanderer Nomad
Flagmaker Betsy ____ Ross
Track circuits Laps
Ham it up Emote
Smoker’s receptacle Ashtray
Coach Trainer
Party giver Host
List ender (abbr.) Etc
Legal excuses Alibis
At any ____ Rate
Neighbor of Mex. Usa
Warning signal Siren
Proposed as a candidate Nominated
____ acid Amino
Above Over
Dalai ____ Lama
Annoying ones Pests
Heredity carrier Gene
Wedge Shim


Keen Avid
Carson’s successor Leno
Church group Sect
Metallic rock Ore
Points of debate Issues
At hand Near
Principle Tenet
Choose Opt
Deli offering Salami
Tavern drinks Ales
Ship’s records Logs
Bangkok native Thai
Discount event Sale
TV part Screen
Easter flower Lily
Eat Ingest
Most scarce Rarest
Heidi’s cousin Clara
Angelic symbols Halos
From Dublin Irish
School compositions Essays
____ energy Atomic
____ Says Simon
Overjoy Elate
Hebrew feast Seder
Young dog Pup
Tidy up Neaten
Asian country Laos
Horned animals, for short Rhinos
Go to bed Retire
Treasure ____ Trove
Right away (abbr.) Asap
Green citrus fruit Lime
Spring flower Iris
Not straight Bent
Prayer ending Amen
Mormon state Utah
Highway vehicle Semi
Genesis man Adam
Yuletide drink Nog
Capone and Pacino Als
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