Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 17, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Closed Shut
Muffler Scarf
Burlap bag Sack
Passenger vehicle Auto
Mysterious Eerie
____ of Capri Isle
Bang shut Slam
Ornament Decoration
African desert Sahara
Celebrity Star
Busy activity Ado
Little children Tots
Shade trees Elms
Weather instrument Barometer
Wound remainders Scars
Shakespeare’s “before” Ere
Eden resident Adam
Very much (2 wds.) Alot
Memorize Learn
Wail Sob
Dwelling Abode
Titled woman Lady
Field cover Tarp
Doctor’s charge Fee
Curvy letters Esses
Electricity source Generator
Fair (hyph.) Soso
Walk heavily Slog
Memorable period Era
Fright Fear
Glossy paint Enamel
Perceived character Reputation
Yarn Tale
The ____ of March Ides
Put back to zero Reset
Serpent’s sound Hiss
Apple’s center Core
Prophets Seers
Pub beverages Ales


Back talk Sass
Maui dance Hula
Western state Utah
Salsa ingredient Tomato
Tranquilized Sedated
Third letter Cee
Circle parts Arcs
Mob scene participant Rioter
Wild Feral
Command to Fido Sit
Largest continent Asia
Lump of dirt Clod
Casino game Keno
Upper limbs Arms
Caesar, e.g. Roman
RR terminals Stas
Wound covering Scab
Southern beauty Belle
Zones Areas
Peruses Reads
Act the ham Emote
Airborne Aloft
Cowboy show Rodeo
Ranch animal Steer
Bread grains Ryes
Forbids Bans
Kitchen garment Apron
Eases up Relents
Downy Soft
Pointed beard Goatee
Author ____ Christie Agatha
Singes Sears
Clapton or Idle Eric
Renovate Redo
Copycat Aper
____ and shine! Rise
Send by post Mail
Besides Else
Minus Less
Apply Use
“____ the ramparts…” Oer
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