Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 26, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pigment Color
Glamorous ____ Hayworth Rita
Poise Tact
Solo Alone
Eve’s guy Adam
Periods in history Eras
Letter after gamma Delta
Half (prefix) Semi
Floppy Limp
Not liquid Solid
Mama’s spouse Papa
Drinks like a dog Laps
“Oh, give ____ home…” (2 wds.) Mea
Aid and ____ Abet
Enthusiastically Eagerly
President, e.g. Leader
Conceit Ego
Meat-filled pasta Tortellini
Origins Roots
Payable Due
Benches Seats
Impossible to fill Insatiable
Formerly called Nee
Lash locale Eyelid
Lingers Loiters
Toledo’s lake Erie
Wind direction (abbr.) Nne
Horse’s home Barn
The ____ Office Oval
Urban drainpipe Sewer
Way out Exit
Car for hire Taxi
Rome’s country Italy
French female Elle
March date Ides
Feel Sense
Must have Need
Highland Scot Celt
Squirrels’ homes Trees


Scoundrels Cads
Bread spread Oleo
Recline lazily Loll
Prompt (2 wds.) Ontime
Bookworm Reader
Grating sound Rasp
Suggestion Idea
Florida bay Tampa
Friendly Amiable
Blabbermouth Telltale
Opera tune Aria
Child’s resort Camp
Recipe measures (abbr.) Tsps
Computer key Alt
Long fishes Eels
Uncanny Eerie
Anguish Agony
Honking bird Goose
“Star Wars” character Yoda
Actress ____ Keaton Diane
Go in Enter
Gets up Rises
Massage Rub
Tattle Tell
Skilled Talented
Recipe verb Stir
Foolish Idiotic
Long period Eon
Demand Insist
Wobble Teeter
Avoid Evade
Existed Been
Car part Axle
Work up Rile
Figure skater’s jump Axel
Shopper’s aid List
Subside Wane
If not Else
Seeded breads Ryes
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