Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 31, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


List of choices Menu
Cast Mold
Mails Sends
Shakespeare’s river Avon
One who mimics Aper
Trick or ____! Treat
Pocket bread Pita
Worsen Degenerate
Large quantity Slew
Reply Answer
Knock Rap
Munitions Arms
African antelope Gnu
Accumulate over time Accrue
Evaluate again Reassess
Sophia ____ Loren
Outerwear Coat
A Great Lake Erie
Bullfight cry Ole
Lubricated Greased
Lode load Ore
Informal denial Nope
Whirlpool Eddy
Assisted Aided
Small bombs Grenades
Burstyn and DeGeneres Ellens
Chicago trains Els
Ice pellets Hail
Train terminal (abbr.) Sta
Kitchen gadget Peeler
____ Valley (vineyard site) Napa
Legislature, in the UK Parliament
Actor ____ Idle Eric
Foreigner Alien
Move slowly Inch
Religious subgroup Sect
Writing tablet Slate
Little piggies Toes
Fresh talk Sass


Atlas entries Maps
Demonic Evil
Short letter Note
Not cognizant Unaware
French title Madame
Unlocks Opens
Lower limbs Legs
Actress ____ Barrymore Drew
Ships’ rears Sterns
Do the wrong thing Err
Advance upon Near
Computer fodder Data
Stair part Step
Deny Negate
Ladder step Rung
Manipulate Use
Accompanying Along
Use crayons Color
Crinkly cloth Crepe
Streets Roads
“____ Rider” Easy
Wear away Erode
Fire alarm Siren
Plant beginnings Seeds
Give in Cede
What Moses parted (2 wds.) Redsea
Artist Salvador ____ Dali
Compass point (abbr.) Ene
Sickness Illness
Like Swiss mountains Alpine
Our planet’s Earths
From this time Hence
Mineral springs Spas
High Tall
Diva’s solo Aria
Send out Emit
Letterman’s rival Leno
Locality Area
Movies, for short Pics
Deeds Acts
Lease Let
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