Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 02, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Repairs lawns Sods
Leading Ahead
Con game Scam
Egg-shaped Oval
Flat-bottomed boat Barge
Courageous person Hero
On purpose Deliberate
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
Creates the illusion of motion Animates
Canal country Panama
Mule’s father Ass
High military rank General
Clock sound Tick
Made vocal music Sung
Hurts Aches
Naval officer (abbr.) Ens
Unlocks Opens
Signified Meant
Got together Met
Cowboys’ contest Rodeo
Baseball blunder Error
Corporate VIP Ceo
Infuriate Anger
One who mimics Aper
Richard ____ of “Chicago” Gere
Dancer Fred ____ Astaire
Apt. divisions Rms
Elf Sprite
Ship harbors Seaports
Fly Soar
Disassembles (2 wds.) Takesapart
Historic canal Erie
“Oliver ____” Twist
Water (Sp.) Agua
Care for Tend
Positive answers Yeses
Ogle Leer


Baking ____ Soda
Kitchen hot spot Oven
Surrealist painter Salvador ____ Dali
Thin Slim
Helps a crook Abets
Rabbitlike animals Hares
Ages Eras
CIA employee (abbr.) Agt
Intensify Deepen
Glistened Shone
Closet wood Cedar
Smell Aroma
Fable’s lesson Moral
Bleat Baa
Sweater material Angora
Zest Gusto
Docile Tame
Froster Icer
Blacken Char
Gambling game Keno
Show contempt Sneer
Narrow waterway Strait
Host Emcee
Early video game Pong
Boundary Edge
At no time, poetically Neer
Painful Sore
“____ Woman” Pretty
Item of value Asset
Mushroom “seed” Spore
Teach Train
Televised Aired
____ Witherspoon of “Pleasantville” Reese
Sail supports Masts
Health resort Spa
Goes downhill Skis
Milky gem Opal
Anger Rage
Faithful True
Heavenly light Star
Flabbergast Awe
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