Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 08, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Rapidity Haste
Scrape roughly Rasp
Distant Afar
Foreigner Alien
She, in Bordeaux Elle
Title Name
Goes by bus Rides
Music for two Duet
Forest plant Tree
Fifty-fifty Even
Understand Comprehend
Placid Sedate
Supermarket Store
Cotton machines Gins
Most feeble Lamest
Albert Einstein, e.g. Scientist
Exclamation of triumph Aha
Host ____ King Larry
____ standstill (2 wds.) Ata
Satan Devil
Neighbor of Mex. Usa
Mary ____ (Bible figure) Magdalene
Capital of the Philippines Manila
Spot Site
Roaming tribesman Nomad
Italian seaport Naples
Humble Unassuming
Mound Hill
Free of doubt Sure
Queue Line
December visitor Santa
Rewrite text Edit
Omelet ingredients Eggs
Metal bar Ingot
Oceans Seas
Horn sound Toot
Large pebble Stone


Rabbits’ kin Hares
Breathing Alive
One-____ (biased) Sided
Adolescent Teenager
Naval rank (abbr.) Ens
Renovate Redo
Grads Alums
Dozed Slept
Gasoline, in England Petrol
National song Anthem
Passenger Fare
Grace closing Amen
Swamp plant Reed
Lincoln’s coin Cent
Memorable time Era
Very small Tiny
Thailand, once Siam
Roof overhang Eave
Leg part Shin
“A ____ of Two Cities” Tale
City eyesore Slum
Pedro’s house Casa
Iraq’s neighbor Iran
RR terminal Sta
License plates Tags
Statistics Data
Republican symbol Elephant
Small dent Ding
Map parts Insets
Angeles preceder Los
Magic charm Amulet
Pedro’s friend Amigo
Australian dog Dingo
Jargon Lingo
Rock star ____ John Elton
List of candidates Slate
Consumes Uses
Naked Nude
Opera song Aria
Bird’s home Nest
Bro’s sib Sis
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