Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 15, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


College teacher, for short Prof
Drinks like a dog Laps
Put up Erect
Watermelon discard Rind
Yachting Asea
King, e.g. Ruler
Running Operating
Firearm Rifle
____ Moines Des
Lima or kidney Bean
Capital of the Philippines Manila
Chicago trains Els
So be it! Amen
Silent assent Nod
Jupiter, e.g. Planet
____ Gras (Shrove Tuesday) Mardi
English noblemen Earls
Extremely Very
Actor ____ Hackman Gene
Give a right to Entitle
Defamation Slander
Not so much Less
Curve Arch
Golfer ____ Woods Tiger
Upper body Torso
Aquatic mammals Otters
Part of “L.A.” Los
Kiln Oven
Average mark Cee
Schedule Agenda
Folding beds Cots
Society girl Deb
Hiking path Trail
Pass through Penetrate
Therefore Hence
Diplomacy Tact
Andes native Inca
Snaky letters Esses
Pub drinks Ales
Hawaiian island Oahu


Goad Prod
Mature Ripe
Till bills Ones
Pres. before HST Fdr
Newest Latest
Korea’s locale Asia
Author’s pseudonym (2 wds.) Penname
Wilt Sag
Trip to the store, e.g. Errand
Wreck Ruin
Like Santa’s helpers Elfin
Viola’s kin Cello
Staircase part Tread
Most competent Ablest
Actress ____ Streep Meryl
Sign up Enlist
Bog Marsh
Banana skin Peel
Rural road Lane
____ and crafts Arts
Light Ignite
Stanza Verse
Slight advantage Edge
____-do-well Neer
Makes mistakes Errs
Young insect Larva
Verify Attest
Hide Conceal
Scads Oodles
Groups of eight Octets
Woodturning machine Lathe
Monsters Ogres
Penn and Connery Seans
Pleasant Nice
Previously Once
____ Carvey of “Wayne’s World” Dana
Engrave Etch
Sweetheart Beau
School org. Pta
River (Sp.) Rio
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