Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 18, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pointed weapon Spear
Apollo agcy. Nasa
Discharge Emit
Heidi’s cousin Clara
Umpire’s calls Outs
Draw the ____ Line
Appraises Rates
Small bills Ones
Poker stake Ante
High card Ace
Gadget Contraption
Mail friend (2 wds.) Penpal
African river Nile
Guinness and Baldwin Alecs
TV pooch Lassie
Lower jaw Chin
Most sensible Sanest
Total up Add
Sultan’s wives Harem
Actor ____ Gibson Mel
Possessed Owned
Sort Ilk
Pronoun Itself
Approve Okay
Fellow leading actor Costar
Lift up Raise
Future sign Omen
Crave Desire
Disgusting thing Abomination
Election mo. Nov
Volcanic rock Lava
Neckwear items Ties
Chubby Obese
EMT’s word Stat
Pizzeria appliance Oven
More mature Riper
Norwegian port Oslo
Robin’s abode Nest
Fidgety Antsy


Remnant Scrap
Location Place
Consumed Eaten
Right you ____! Are
Mischievous one Rascal
Lunchtime Noon
Mother’s sister Aunt
Severe Stern
Assaults Assails
Delights Elates
Short skirt Mini
Involved with Into
Youth Teen
Bullring cheers Oles
Socrates’ student Plato
Window glass Pane
Picture takers, for short Cams
Disdainful look Sneer
Submerged Sank
Brainstorm Idea
Whirlpool Eddy
Fashionable Chic
Heavenly headwear Halo
Bothers Irks
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Florida city Miami
Troubles Woes
Capital of New Jersey Trenton
Dog’s name Fido
____ soup Tomato
Spanish title Senora
Innocent Naive
Clumsy Inept
Fragrant flowers Roses
All Every
And Also
Belfry dwellers Bats
Face shape Oval
Links gadgets Tees
Negative contraction Isnt
Coal receptacle Bin
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