Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 20, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Dieter’s milk Skim
Close Shut
Speed checker Radar
Tiny opening Pore
Cat’s sound Purr
Friend (Sp.) Amigo
Moistureless Arid
Enrolled Registered
Inhabit Reside
Simplicity Easiness
North African Saharan
MGM lion Leo
Revered person Idol
Rock growth Moss
Knowing Aware
Ghost’s comment Boo
Theater walkway Aisle
Shoe fasteners Laces
____ Cruces Las
Relative by marriage (hyph.) Inlaw
Confess Admit
And so on (abbr.) Etc
Melees Riots
Witnessed Seen
Injure Harm
Aussie bird Emu
Unidealistic one Realist
Rose Bowl city Pasadena
Mystery Enigma
Indifferent to government Apolitical
Smack Slap
Rented again Relet
____ in a while Once
Warsaw native Pole
Curl Tress
Necessity Need
Auctioned off Sold


Practices boxing Spars
Seoul’s country Korea
____ setter Irish
Newspapers and TV, e.g. Media
Butter or jam Spread
Shade Hue
Impel Urge
Courtroom event Trial
Math proportion Ratio
Hymnal word Amen
Urgent Dire
Epochs Ages
Curtain holders Rods
Compass pt. Sse
Most arid Driest
Honorable Noble
Reluctant Loath
Skirt length Mini
Norwegian capital Oslo
Bed board Slat
Makes a dress Sews
Sad cry Alas
Walk through water Wade
Summit Acme
Bridle strap Rein
Hollywood award Oscar
Aviator Airman
Teetered Reeled
Prepares copy Edits
Convened Met
Labor organization Union
Speech defects Lisps
Arctic shelter Igloo
Tiny Small
Recorded Taped
Role Part
Imitator Aper
Flatfish Sole
Tavern orders Ales
Common skin problem Acne
Expert Ace
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