Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 23, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Unadorned Bare
Lighten Ease
Hawk’s weapon Talon
Oh, dear! Alas
Sluggish Slow
Make amends Atone
Game on a 3 x 3 grid (hyph.) Tictactoe
Location Place
Laughter syllable Hee
Winter shoe Boot
More unkind Meaner
Make attractive Endear
Boat paddles Oars
Is present at Attends
Apiece Each
Moisten while cooking Baste
Remodel Redo
Begone! Shoo
Pub offering Ale
Shows (a movie) Screens
Before, to poets Ere
Lounge Loll
Chaps Lads
Appointed Named
Sandwich shop Deli
As a substitute Instead
Predicament Bind
Fragrances Aromas
Skill Talent
Whittle down Pare
Gone by Ago
Embellish Adorn
Boomed Thundered
Count ____ of jazz Basie
Locale Site
Songstress ____ Turner Tina
Smudge Smear
Proceed slowly Plod
House pets Cats


Wash Bathe
UFO pilot Alien
Rushed Raced
CT time zone Est
Accompany Escort
Female singer Alto
Chimney residue Soot
Lamb’s mama Ewe
Slender candle Taper
Books of maps Atlases
Bank transaction Loan
“____ upon a time…” Once
Not ever, poetically Neer
Diminishes Abates
Bricklayer Mason
Have supper Eat
Weirdest Oddest
Trip to the post office, e.g. Errand
Lacks Needs
Attention-getting sound Ahem
Earth’s center Core
Did garden work Hoed
Lacking hair Bald
Burn reliever Aloe
Broker’s advice Sell
Actor/Director ____ Eastwood Clint
Trapped Snared
African country Liberia
Commotion Ado
Worked for Earned
____ tube Inner
“West Side Story” character Maria
Broker Agent
Carbonated beverages Sodas
Bar bills Tabs
Eden man Adam
Come in last Lose
Singer ____ Collins Phil
Passenger vehicle Auto
1/3 TBSP Tsp
List ender (abbr.) Etc
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