Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 24, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Too Also
Drove too fast Sped
Sharp Acute
Telephone Call
Platter Tray
Craze Mania
Family chart Tree
Wander Rove
Farm units Acres
New Year’s ____ Eve
Jewish feast Seder
Midterm, e.g. Test
Actress ____ Fanning Dakota
Flunk Fail
India’s neighbor Pakistan
Caught ya! Aha
Beneath Under
Observer Spectator
Not ever, in verse Neer
Actor/Director ____ Eastwood Clint
Not straight Bent
Intolerant of delay Impatient
Carnival attractions Rides
As well Too
Vouched for Attested
Location Site
Reluctant Averse
Leg front Shin
France’s capital Paris
Wayside hotel Inn
Flower part Petal
Harbinger Omen
Pesky insect Gnat
Sports building Arena
Chair Seat
Bogeyman Ogre
Lymph ____ Nodes
Discontinues Ends
Go-getter Doer


Pretended Acted
Immature insect Larva
Streamlined Sleek
Bullring cry Ole
Stripe of color Streak
Urge Prod
Roof edge Eave
Tinter Dyer
Med. group Ama
Prickly plants Cacti
Not kin Unrelated
Makes a knot Ties
Bridge position East
Celebrity Star
“Aida,” for one Opera
Reality Fact
Colony insect Ant
Small landmass Islet
Backbone Spine
Circus shelter Tents
Sharpen Hone
Fine ____ Arts
Single thing Unit
Disney fish Nemo
Put money in a bank Deposited
Dwell Abide
Refer to Cite
Tit for ____ Tat
Races an engine Revs
Contaminates Taints
Silly Inane
Beatle ____ Starr Ringo
Trap Snare
Go in Enter
Reach Span
Novel’s protagonist Hero
Model Pose
Preacher’s word Amen
Enjoy a book Read
“Viva ____ Vegas” Las
Zeus or Apollo God
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