Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 26, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Angel’s aura Halo
On the peak Atop
Female singers Altos
Bogus butter Oleo
Slangy negative Nope
Royal domain Realm
Empire State Building’s locale Manhattan
Singer ____ Osmond Marie
Washington, DC time zone Est
Staggered Reeled
Certain star Nova
Mail Send
Breakfast appliance Toaster
New Delhi native Indian
Curved doorway Arch
Beloved Dear
The Orient Asia
Wipe out Erase
Roof edges Eaves
DDE’s predecessor Hst
Upstanding Moral
Sports ring Arena
Bullring shouts Oles
Is unwell Ails
Delight Glee
Until now (2 wds.) Todate
Hot cereal Oatmeal
Football cheers Rahs
Take flight Flee
African tour Safari
Drink slowly Sip
Less wild Tamer
Dialect of Chinese Cantonese
Unoccupied Empty
Perimeter Edge
Housing expense Rent
Rope loop Noose
Grain Seed
Starting bet Ante


Dwelling place Home
Cry of sorrow Alas
Fasting time Lent
Impressed utterance Ooh
Ant’s feeler Antenna
Lugged Toted
Semiprecious stone Opal
Pierce Penetrate
Provide weapons Arm
Slants Leans
Gypsy’s card Tarot
Martini garnish Olive
Greasy streak Smear
Zone Area
Trumpeter ____ Severinsen Doc
Warning alarm Siren
Throat-clearing sound Ahem
Inspiration Idea
Adjacent Near
Writer ____ Barry Dave
Church walkway Aisle
Sneaker ties Shoelaces
Turnpikes Roads
Diva’s forte Aria
Common seasoning Salt
Other than Else
Cooking herb Sage
Began Started
____ Vegas, Nevada Las
Akron’s state Ohio
Frequently Often
Texas landmark Alamo
Musical pace Tempo
Convenes Meets
Kitchen appliance Range
Whiten Fade
Beheld Seen
Doesn’t exist Isnt
Tennis’s ____ Sampras Pete
Seeded bread Rye
2nd amendment lobby Nra
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