Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 28, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Spoke falsely Lied
Tooth discomfort Ache
Civic group (abbr.) Assoc
Eye amorously Ogle
“____ Window” Rear
Cheese type Gouda
Ease Alleviate
Rabbitlike animals Hares
Foot part Toe
Soften Ease
Least common Rarest
Respect Honor
Borders Edges
Operated Used
Dressed Attired
Scheduled Slated
Pal (Fr.) Ami
Infamous emperor Nero
Feels unwell Ails
Absolute Utter
Acquire Gain
Italy’s capital Rome
Undercover gp. Cia
Shoelace hole Eyelet
As an alternative Instead
Summer coolers Ades
Hard metal Steel
Drummer Ringo ____ Starr
Go by, as time Elapse
Vex Rile
Grant’s rival Lee
“M*A*S*H” locale Korea
Forefathers Ancestors
Each Every
Legal hold Lien
Closed Shut
Chairs Seats
Acapulco coin Peso
Cooking vessels Pans


Reluctant Loath
Ice house Igloo
Actress ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Poor mark Dee
Opera tune Aria
Halted Ceased
Despised Hated
Bard’s “before” Ere
Appalled Aghast
Glide Soar
Certain Sure
Lyric poems Odes
Play personnel Cast
Poetry Verse
Stopped working Retired
Beginning Outset
Monopoly, e.g. Game
Instruct Educate
Eat Ingest
True Real
Huron’s neighbor Erie
Stop that! Dont
Mumbai dress Sari
Big cat Lion
Charity Alms
____ snail’s pace (2 wds.) Ata
Ocean current Tide
Positive replies Yeses
Compositions Essays
Cooper and Faye Alices
Bert’s friend Ernie
Oahu greeting Aloha
TV repeat Rerun
Takes a break Rests
Squeaks by Ekes
Adore Love
____ code Area
Sassy Pert
Comedian Jay ____ Leno
Swiss peak Alp
Recipe abbr. Tsp
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