Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 29, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Served perfectly Aced
Lad’s girl Lass
Not together Apart
Be bold Dare
Atop Onto
Defeated one Loser
Long-armed ape Orangutan
Capital of Idaho Boise
Green sauce Pesto
Memorable period Era
Delight Elate
Ringlet Tress
Autumn bloom Aster
Truman’s monogram Hst
With a leg on each side Astride
Track circuits Laps
Poetic twilight Een
Julius ____ Caesar
Concept Idea
Serious play Drama
Presidential “no” Veto
Boat basin Marina
Puppy’s cry Yip
Large bodies of water Seas
Imitate Emulate
Opposite of pos. Neg
Sublets Rents
Bird’s perch Roost
Asparagus unit Spear
Picasso’s field Art
Severe Acute
Mea ____ Culpa
Atmospheric pressure guage Barometer
Resource Asset
Property claim Lien
Citrus drinks Ades
Not here There
____ Fitzgerald of jazz Ella
Yep’s opposite Nope


Take as one’s own Adopt
Concerned one Carer
Obliterate Erase
Fender nicks Dents
Baseball’s ____ Gehrig Lou
Aardvark Anteater
Night twinklers Stars
Beethoven work Sonata
Canadian province Alberta
Billiards Pool
Tibet’s locale Asia
Musical symbol Rest
Wood source Tree
Gee whiz! Gosh
Flee Escape
Tranquilize Sedate
Guns the engine Revs
Psychic’s phrase (2 wds.) Isee
Facts Data
Greek Cupid Eros
Green citrus fruit Lime
Genesis man Adam
Lima’s country Peru
Go by boat Sail
Negative vote Nay
Medieval singer Minstrel
Relate Narrate
Empower Enable
Weight unit Gram
Forest path Trail
Atlantic or Indian Ocean
Exceed Outdo
Prepare tea Steep
Succinct Terse
Scram! Scat
Shove Push
Additional Else
Mimicker Aper
Out ____ limb (2 wds.) Ona
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