Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 04, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Clock face Dial
Bullring cheers Oles
Sudden fright Panic
Skin woe Acne
Copper coin Cent
____ setter Irish
Provisional Tentative
TV host Emcee
Singer ____ Franklin Aretha
Supervisor Overseer
Dusk, to a poet Een
365 days Year
Frightened Alarmed
Grover’s street Sesame
Command to Fido Sit
Skilled Able
Exam type Oral
Finger sound Snap
Dodge Avoid
Disney clownfish Nemo
Look at amorously Ogle
Roosters’ mates Hens
Brief sleep Nap
Force Coerce
Placate Appease
Entranced Rapt
Yankee ____ Gehrig Lou
____ retriever Labrador
Reach a destination Arrive
Parcel out Allot
Strolled Sauntered
Bullwinkle, for one Moose
Fork point Tine
Hong ____ Kong
____ Pan Peter
Coin opening Slot
Singer ____ Williams Andy


Computer input Data
Cake decorator Icer
Prince Charles’s sister Anne
Mailbox item Letter
Gasoline rating Octane
Luau necklace Lei
Ambassador Envoy
Comic ____ Martin Steve
Fashion’s ____ Cardin Pierre
Tentacles Arms
Agreeable Nice
Psychic’s phrase (2 wds.) Isee
“Moonstruck” actress Cher
Excuse me! Ahem
Soothed Eased
Organization (abbr.) Assoc
Jargon Lingo
“____ of Two Cities” (2 wds.) Atale
Writer ____ Barry Dave
Male heir Son
Fight site Arena
Mothers Mamas
Wed secretly Elope
____ voyage! Bon
____ Marie Presley Lisa
Apiece Per
In front Ahead
Moon feature Crater
Mars, e.g. Planet
Red wine Port
Cry of discovery Eureka
Mails Posts
Hiking path Trail
Light source Lamp
Healing plant Aloe
Ink stain Blot
Stood up Rose
Remove wrinkles Iron
Peddle Vend
Tense Edgy
Pedro’s “one” Uno
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