Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 05, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Took a cab Rode
Walk pompously Strut
Weapons Arms
Poor me! Alas
Pursue Chase
Roller coaster feature Loop
Engaged in festivities Celebrated
Woodwind Oboe
____ Kippur Yom
Consumer Eater
Beach Shore
Attention-getting sound Ahem
Thrilled Elated
Spud Tater
Boulder Stone
Diva’s solo Aria
Most sore Tenderest
Memorize Learn
Certain dashes Ens
Green sauce Pesto
Chinese dialect Cantonese
Bridge Span
Flat cap Beret
Mixes Stirs
Tell secrets Tattle
Middling (hyph.) Soso
Cherish Adore
Croc’s kin Gator
Pen point Nib
____ of passage Rite
On purpose Deliberate
Ball holders Tees
Eat away Erode
Ancient Aged
Totals Sums
Parking timer Meter
Ring stones Gems


Bawdy Racy
Bread spread Oleo
Spotted dog Dalmatian
Wind dir. Ese
Beat it! Scram
Not this That
Charge per unit Rate
____-friendly User
Baseball’s ____ Williams Ted
Honolulu greeting Aloha
Automaton Robot
Actor Roger ____ Moore
Drive too fast Speed
Root ____ Beer
Slumber Sleep
Valentine symbol Heart
Discontinue End
Body powder Talc
Region Area
Navigate Steer
High-strung Tense
Start Onset
Takes it easy Rests
CIA activity Espionage
Headliner Star
Coal measures Tons
Aristocratic Noble
Born as Nee
Achy Sore
Bakery items Tarts
French farewell Adieu
____ pole Totem
Ringlet Tress
Serious Sober
Richard ____ of “Chicago” Gere
Many (2 wds.) Alot
Ocean current Tide
News bit Item
Cots Beds
HST’s party Dem
Tattered cloth Rag
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