Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 08, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Cup’s edge Brim
Over Atop
Collision Crash
“Mona ____” Lisa
Banister Rail
Path Route
Accessible Available
Say Utter
Library patron Reader
Lip Sass
Be indebted Owe
List abbr. Etc
Vapor Gas
Right now! Stat
Stupefy Stun
Idolized Adored
Boring Dull
Administrative assistant Secretary
Sailing Asea
Church singers Choir
Land unit Acre
Wobbling Teetering
Not as much Less
Reach a destination Arrive
Rational Sane
Court dividers Nets
Race an engine Rev
Opposite of NNW Sse
Zeus or Apollo God
Marsh plant Reed
Soup bean Lentil
Fat Obese
Restored confidence Reassured
Flies alone Solos
Presidential power Veto
Humorist ____ Barry Dave
Robbery Heist
Genesis site Eden
Wide-mouthed pitcher Ewer


Sound loudly Blare
Metal bolt Rivet
Singer ____ Hayes Isaac
Hotel employee Maid
Biblical mount Ararat
Typewriter key Tab
Lubricates Oils
Earnest requests Pleas
Christian military expedition Crusade
Decompose Rot
Detroit product Auto
Brood Stew
At this location Here
Table parts Legs
Beatle Ringo ____ Starr
Fish delicacy Sushi
Entire Total
Broadway lights Neons
Track event Race
Proves human Errs
Stains Dyes
Information Data
Client User
Sly look Leer
Caesar’s language Latin
Groucho Marx’s prop Cigar
Mediterranean island Crete
Highest mountain Everest
Singer Willie ____ Nelson
Nights before holidays Eves
Dish out Serve
Hay Straw
Strainer Sieve
Church official Elder
Holy cow! Gosh
Double-reed instrument Oboe
Sandwich store Deli
Exploit Deed
Undressed Nude
Distress call Sos
Chowed down Ate
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