Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 10, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Mamas’ mates Papas
Fragrant flower Rose
Gossip bit Item
Ward off Avert
Prayer ending Amen
Wine-producing valley Napa
About Concerning
Brief play Skit
Naval rank (abbr.) Ens
Gambling game Lotto
Fragment Piece
House annex Ell
Highways Roads
Coiled Spiraled
Chicken serving Breast
Metal suit Armor
River embankment Levee
“The Raven” poet Poe
Facial features Lips
Bowling lane Alley
Colt’s mom Mare
Vane letters Ene
Writing tablet Slate
Fire alarm Siren
Brook Stream
Skill at painting, e.g. Artistry
Chip dip Salsa
Cereal grass Oat
Tennis, e.g. Sport
Dairy product Cream
Feathery scarf Boa
Fasting period Lent
Booming Thundering
Nevada neighbor Utah
Join metal Weld
Because Since
Hardens Gels
Poems of praise Odes
____ out (narrowly defeated) Edged


Horse’s gait Pace
Bard of ____ Avon
Enclosures Pens
____ de Triomphe Arc
Outstanding Stellar
Rave Rant
Skip Omit
Spanish gentleman Senor
Liverpool’s country (abbr.) Eng
Interior Inside
Disassembles (2 wds.) Takesapart
Long story Epic
Better half Mate
Rock’s partner Roll
Whittle down Pare
Love god Eros
Follow orders Obey
____ tax Sales
Publish Print
Not relating to individuals Impersonal
____ Fitzgerald Ella
Greek letter Delta
More painful Sorer
Quite small Teeny
Change direction Veer
Gifts to charity Alms
Fine rain Mist
Pepper’s companion Salt
Cat breed Siamese
Our planet’s Earths
Warty amphibian Toad
Was sore Ached
Strike heavily Slug
Singer ____ Seeger Pete
Govern Rule
Purposes Ends
Singer ____ Crosby Bing
Single time Once
Old Aged
Couple Two
Free (of) Rid
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