Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 12, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Campfire remains Ashes
Burlap bag Sack
RR stops Stas
Dishonor Shame
Scent Odor
Apple’s center Core
Dined Eaten
Devoted Dedicated
____ Cup (yacht race) Americas
Tranquil Serene
Departs Goes
Cry of surprise Aha
Spoil Mar
Want Desire
Transgressions Sins
English river Avon
Ice-cream treat Sundae
Hotel units (abbr.) Rms
Wedding band Ring
Formerly called Nee
Jump Leap
City railways Els
Pinball parlor Arcade
Unoccupied Idle
Plumber’s concern Leak
Governor Schwarzenegger Arnold
Flightless bird Emu
Lick up Lap
Medicine Drug
Leased apartment Rental
Less chewy Tenderer
____ span Attention
Wear down Erode
Remarked Said
Dropper’s word Oops
One-____ (biased) Sided
Building wings Ells
Trick Ruse
Young people Teens


Not ashore Asea
Hoax Sham
Detest Hate
Coming out Emerging
12th-grader Senior
Fizzy beverages Sodas
Thirst quenchers Ades
Massachusetts cape Cod
Hare ____ (religious sect) Krishna
“The Lion King” villain Scar
Carved pole Totem
Sports locale Arena
Passover feast Seder
Stop Cease
Mediocre grades Cees
Assisted Aided
Risk Dare
Morally wrong Evil
“My Three ____” Sons
Move furtively Sneak
Open a bottle Uncap
Modernize Redo
Shopping center Mall
Ran Sped
Undies Lingerie
Poe’s middle name Allan
Housing agent Realtor
Deserve Earn
Least polite Rudest
Wipe clean Erase
Iron or lead Metal
Up to the time that Until
Thickly populated Dense
Williams and Kennedy Teds
Blouses Tops
Went by train Rode
Biblical garden Eden
Cincinnati team Reds
Debt letters Iou
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