Star Tribune Crossword Answers June 25, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Head cook Chef
Construct Make
Sports site Arena
Satan’s domain Hell
Bard of ____ Avon
Marine Naval
Aardvarks Anteaters
Thin pancake Crepe
Winter car part (2 wds.) Snowtire
“____ Something About Mary” Theres
Grown boy Man
A Great Lake Ontario
King Kong, e.g. Ape
Infuriates Enrages
Rock’s ____ Clapton Eric
School assignment Essay
Prima donna Diva
Shopping reminder List
____ Gibson of “Braveheart” Mel
Showy flower Iris
Fly alone Solo
Florida metropolis Miami
Building extensions Ells
Unending Eternal
Large antelope Gnu
Pizza seasoning Oregano
Sheep’s cry Baa
Keyboard instruments Pianos
Extra virgin ____ (2 wds.) Oliveoil
Juan’s goodbye Adios
Bruce Springsteen, e.g. Guitarist
Author Jules ____ Verne
Margin Edge
Norway’s capital Oslo
Slackens Eases
Solid ground Land
Uses the eyes Sees


Gorge Chasm
Hair coloring Henna
Singer ____ John Elton
Went by plane Flew
Afternoon performance Matinee
Turn aside Avert
“M*A*S*H” locale Korea
Naval off. Ens
Tom Brokaw, e.g. Anchor
Undercooked Rare
For all time Ever
Back of the neck Nape
Pub offerings Ales
Above Atop
Very little Tiny
Kingdom Realm
Movie star Actor
Goodbye (Fr.) Adieu
Lass Girl
Satanic Evil
Fresh talk Sass
Ultimatum word Else
Rampage Riot
____ of Capri Isle
Look happy Smile
Ocean Sea
Blemishes Mars
Lit Ignited
Rope loops Nooses
Bossa ____ Nova
Cheese type Gouda
Straighten Align
Idaho’s capital Boise
Bride’s path Aisle
Choir singers Altos
Do roadwork Pave
Conception Idea
Broadcasts Airs
Zero None
God of love Eros
Harden Gel
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