Star Tribune Crossword Answers March 24, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Book leaf Page
____ Sampras of tennis Pete
Chores Tasks
Power source Atom
Bard of ____ Avon
____ acid Amino
Ticket part Stub
Enrolled Registered
Ocean currents Tides
Anger Rage
“Broadcast ____” News
Private school Academy
Housekeeper Maid
Conductor ____ Bernstein Leonard
Carter’s party (abbr.) Dem
Superman’s gal (2 wds.) Loislane
Midwest airport Ohare
Fairy tale monster Ogre
Embankment Levee
Cut Slit
Socrates’ student Plato
Rubber bands Elastics
Poet’s “still” Een
Most beloved Dearest
Actor ____ Connery Sean
Childhood disease Measles
Laboratory bottle Vial
Horrid Vile
Gaggle members Geese
Agreement to marry Engagement
Flower container Vase
Locale Scene
Feed the kitty Ante
Continually Ever
Savor Taste
Suffer defeat Lose
Loch ____ Ness


Italian staple Pasta
Storage room Attic
Cheese type Gouda
Implant Embed
Average Par
All people Everyone
Dress for Caesar Toga
Mystery Enigma
Tit for ____ Tat
Modify Amend
Royal address Sire
Understood Knew
Lays turf Sods
Singe Sear
Broker’s advice Sell
Brunch, e.g. Meal
Groom’s vow (2 wds.) Ido
At no time Never
Surrealist painter Salvador ____ Dali
Funnyman ____ Idle Eric
New York baseball team Mets
Run easily Lope
Stare Ogle
Islamic nation Iran
Tennis term Set
DDE’s predecessor Hst
Carbon and gold, e.g. Elements
Soften Ease
Shelley work Ode
All-male party Stag
Icicle’s spot Eave
Creature Animal
Incline Slant
Lucky dice roll Seven
Take off Leave
Snaky letters Esses
Prophets Seers
Suit item Vest
Andean mountain native Inca
Matures Ages
Comedian Jay ____ Leno
____ whiz! Gee
Kickoff gadget Tee
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