Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 02, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Lagoon’s boundary Atoll
Nest contents Eggs
Amtrak stops (abbr.) Stas
Juliet’s love Romeo
Wander Roam
Clark ____ (Superman) Kent
Curl Tress
Ease Alleviate
Felt Sensed
Painter Salvador ____ Dali
Cat’s cry Mew
Makes mistakes Errs
Hog’s dinner Slop
Laundry appliance Iron
Exclamation of discovery Aha
Lariat Lasso
Forty winks Nap
Deceiving Misleading
Realm Area
Fiery felony Arson
Burn Sear
Tenacious Persistent
Fight Vie
Locomotive Train
Earl Grey, e.g. Tea
Hardens Gels
Fruit beverages Ades
Ceremony Rite
Single One
Country hotels Inns
Bedding Linens
Spotted dog Dalmatian
Radio and newspapers, e.g. Media
Norwegian port Oslo
Brim Edge
Makes level Evens
Grating sound Rasp
Coffee break Rest
Copenhagen natives Danes


____ and crafts Arts
Ripped Tore
Warning sign Omen
Reduce Lessen
Defeated candidate Loser
Age Era
Prospector’s quest Gold
Festive events Galas
Odor Smell
Go downhill Ski
Squad Team
Starting bet Ante
Hearty soup Stew
Fiddle’s kin Viola
Serious plays Dramas
Blouse Shirt
Tablets Pads
Not fitting Inapt
Less common Rarer
“Phantom of the ____” Opera
Item of value Asset
Colander Sieve
Garden pest Snail
Monstrous giants Ogres
Hermit Loner
Involve Entail
The Orient Asia
Calcutta’s country India
Swiss city Geneva
Go onstage Enter
Insulting Snide
Clocked Timed
Scent Odor
Apollo agcy. Nasa
Building wings Ells
Droops Sags
First garden Eden
IX Nine
Brashness Sass
Janitor’s tool Mop
Fisherman’s snare Net
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