Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 03, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pub potables Ales
Cloth belt Sash
Syrup tree Maple
Beget Sire
Choir singer Alto
Zones Areas
Not genuine Imitation
Bellows Roars
Pres. Lincoln Abe
Keaton and Sawyer Dianes
Impulse Urge
From Oslo Norse
Theater passages Aisles
Be ambitious Aspire
Folklore monster Ogre
Asian country China
Not tipsy Sober
Maple’s fluid Sap
Belief Tenet
Bakery offering Pie
Ridiculous Inane
Made a lap Sat
Rome’s country Italy
Pastry Torte
Go-getter Doer
Frontiersman ____ Boone Daniel
Briny Saline
Greek island Crete
House additions Ells
Group spirit Morale
Four qts. Gal
Texas shrine Alamo
Destroy Devastate
Nero, e.g. Roman
Frank Open
Shakespeare’s river Avon
Like old bread Stale
Nevada town Reno
Audition tape Demo


Europe’s neighbor Asia
Branch Limb
Cleveland’s lake Erie
Tennis unit Set
Sarcastic writing Satire
Pseudonym Alias
Pebble Stone
Whetstone Hone
Damage Mar
Wake up Arouse
Oyster gem Pearl
Huge Large
Curvy letters Esses
Worship Adoration
Wise Sage
Three squared Nine
Aggravates Irritates
Performs onstage Acts
Mets’ home Shea
Half quart Pint
Mind Obey
Shadowbox Spar
Furnace fuel Oil
Calcutta dress Sari
Opening wager Ante
Fruit skin Peel
Zero None
Swarm Teem
Gloomy Dismal
Franklin ____ Roosevelt Delano
Chars Sears
Distribute Allot
Andean animal Llama
Crinkly cloth Crepe
Crowlike bird Raven
Smell Odor
Bestowed Gave
Minute particle Atom
Comedian Jay ____ Leno
Billfold item One
Smidgen Tad
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