Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 04, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Cowboy’s rope Lasso
Additionally Also
Aid in crime Abet
Following After
Increase Gain
Skin opening Pore
Down East Maine
Play host Entertain
Excessive pride Arrogance
Broadcast Aired
Map word Route
Choose Opt
Leapt Sprang
Guarantees Assures
Tavern drink Ale
Throw Hurl
Stop it! Dont
Ogle Leer
Basil sauce Pesto
Water whirl Eddy
Comfort Ease
Native metals Ores
Lamprey Eel
Cooking container Steamer
Decipher Decode
Perch Sit
Smell Aroma
Holiday song Carol
Central American country Guatemala
Constitution change Amendment
Take it easy Relax
Evergreen tree Pine
Poker opener Ante
Shred cheese Grate
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
Famous loch Ness
Artist’s tripod Easel


Tibetan priest Lama
Distant Afar
Move slightly Stir
Spanish title Senora
Portland’s state Oregon
Go-between Agent
Cyclist ____ Armstrong Lance
Building area Site
Uno One
Innate ability Aptitude
Wild hog Boar
Famed canal Erie
Minister to Tend
Knocks sharply Raps
Summer mo. Aug
Norwegian capital Oslo
Shoppers’ delights Sales
Skirt fold Pleat
____ Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde” Reese
Fine ____ Arts
Cowboys’ contest Rodeo
Brought to a close Ended
Current fashion Style
Mister (Ger.) Herr
Utilize Use
Thinker Reasoner
Poe or Browning Poet
Balmy Mild
Period Dot
Become visible Emerge
Photographer’s need Camera
Dad’s sisters Aunts
Evaluates Rates
Guitar device Capo
Among Amid
Nevada city Reno
Actor ____ Hackman Gene
Cry of sorrow Alas
Behind schedule Late
Figure skater’s jump Axel
Gent Man
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