Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 06, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Clever Smart
Some poems Odes
Dog paddle Swim
Copier’s need Toner
Ruckus Riot
Fishing string Line
Aquatic plants Algae
Lack of knowledge Ignorance
Tells (a story) Narrates
Do again Repeat
Thirsty Dry
Light brown Tan
Gents Men
Decide Settle
Eyed flirtatiously Ogled
Hinder Impede
Antique Old
Portrayal Role
Rank and ____ File
____ Island Rhode
Relieve Ease
Ran away Fled
Distress letters Sos
Less fatty Leaner
Bread ingredient Yeast
Least Merest
Animosity Ire
List-ending abbr. Etc
Aye’s opposite Nay
Paper fastener Staple
Enjoyment Pleasure
Lunchroom Cafeteria
Hazard Peril
Poetic lament Alas
Mailed Sent
Artist’s stand Easel
Notorious emperor Nero
Brink Edge
Gown Dress


Witness box Stand
Grinding tooth Molar
Furious Angry
Back Rear
Gave medical aid to Treated
Asia Orient
Makes a hole Digs
Age Eon
Shop Store
Wallop Slap
Merlot, e.g. Wine
Indian of Peru Inca
Track event Meet
Nevada resort Reno
Spuds Taters
Join together Meld
Plant beginnings Seeds
Baggy Loose
Terrific Great
Mortgage Loan
Ultimatum word Else
Gentle creature Deer
Uncertain Iffy
Distance measure Mile
Entreaty Plea
Eliminate Delete
Dwelling Home
Got free Escaped
Tip Tilt
Narrate Relate
____ Witherspoon of “Walk the Line” Reese
Doctor’s coworker Nurse
Zodiac ram Aries
Hollers Yells
Glance at Scan
Yarn Tale
Remote Afar
Mexican coin Peso
Metallic sound Ping
Scorch Sear
Scarlet Red
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