Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 08, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Fashion magazine Elle
Astronomer Carl ____ Sagan
Ocean movement Tide
Peacock’s pride Tail
Investigate Probe
Inspiration Idea
Meeting Conference
Animal skin Pelt
FDR’s successor Hst
Grateful ____ Dead
Spin Rotate
Spring, e.g. Season
Of the sun Solar
Trip to the post office, e.g. Errand
Jousting weapon Lance
Downpour Rain
Between ports Asea
Gore and Roker Als
Facets Aspects
Kind of exercise Aerobic
That woman She
Actual Real
Dealer’s car Demo
Florida metropolis Miami
Storage area Closet
TV host Emcee
Pastry Eclair
African desert Sahara
Corn spikes Ears
“The Matrix” hero Neo
Stretch across Span
Immaculate ____ Conception
Differently Else
Soothes Eases
Teen skin problem Acne
Visionary Seer
Clothe Dress
Monster’s loch Ness


Engrave Etch
Asian country Laos
Dryer residue Lint
Fairy Elf
Butter or jam Spread
Locales Areas
Venetian taxi Gondola
NBC’s rival Abc
Not ever, poetically Neer
Walk cautiously Tiptoe
Perfect Ideal
River mouth Delta
Devourer Eater
Adam’s home Eden
Movie award Oscar
Of sound mind Sane
Astronauts’ gp. Nasa
Historic times Eras
Impulsive Rash
Ready for picking Ripe
Originally named Nee
Fortas and Lincoln Abes
Citrus fruit Lime
Highlander Scot
Town’s announcer Crier
Steeped brew Tea
Alike Same
Perfume Odor
Permit License
Nastier Meaner
Pet Caress
Speech impediment Lisp
Highway curves Esses
Syrup tree Maple
Run after Chase
Shoe fasteners Laces
Passed effortlessly Aced
Friendly Nice
Ages and ages Eons
Small bills Ones
Paddle’s kin Oar
Beach color Tan
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