Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 09, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Lids Tops
Thin coin Dime
Antique Relic
Double-reed instrument Oboe
Love deity Eros
Kind of acid Amino
Astronomer’s tool Telescope
Leonardo da ____ Vinci
Invite Ask
Charged atoms Ions
Leased apartment Rental
Rented Leased
Man or boy Male
Free from germs Aseptic
Yeas’ opposites Nays
Fabric pattern Print
Limping Lame
Not false True
Free (of) Rid
With ice cream (3 wds.) Alamode
Unhealthy Ill
Yachting Asea
Washington bills Ones
Alpine call Yodel
Intend Mean
Tranquilized Sedated
Music for two Duet
Church officials Elders
Academy Awards Oscars
Venture Dare
Ingest Eat
Beside Along
Lunchroom Cafeteria
Rich cake Torte
Periods in history Eras
Easter flower Lily
Drive too fast Speed
Gumbo ingredient Okra
Not as much Less


Sum Total
Fat Obese
____ dot Polka
Watch See
Decipher Decode
Remove wrinkles Iron
Swabs Mops
Opposite of WNW Ese
Fray Ravel
Distinguished Eminent
Dryer residue Lint
Andes native Inca
Snake formation Coil
Nap Siesta
Hurried Raced
____ Francisco San
Champagne and orange juice Mimosa
Jupiter, e.g. Planet
Made docile Tamed
Dry Arid
Santa’s time Yule
Vend Sell
British baby buggy Pram
Ascend Rise
Concept Idea
Misplaces Loses
Shoelace hole Eyelet
Moderately slow, in music Andante
“The ____ Couple” Odd
India’s Mother ____ Teresa
Prodded Urged
Ghostly Eerie
Train tracks Rails
Remains behind Stays
Stable morsels Oats
Spill Slop
Earth’s center Core
Unlit Dark
Distant Afar
Corporate VIP Ceo
House annex Ell
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