Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 10, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Palo ____ Alto
On the ball Alert
Mattress support Slat
Tragic king Lear
Defeated one Loser
Honolulu’s island Oahu
Mary’s pet Lamb
Ownership Possession
Pain reliever Aspirin
Water (Fr.) Eau
Coloring substance Dye
Straighten up Neaten
Water mammal Otter
College official Dean
Fools Idiots
Argument Spat
Game fish Bass
Urgent Dire
Heap Pile
Blender setting Puree
Merriment Glee
Over Atop
Energy source Atom
Gazed at Eyed
Food allotment Ration
Speech problem Lisp
Salivate excessively Drool
Annoy Pester
Common article The
Curve Arc
Honest Sincere
Eye-opener Revelation
Barely cooked Rare
Opera song Aria
Newspapers and TV, e.g. Media
Expended Used
Hide Pelt
Coral island Atoll
Berths Beds


Poe’s middle name Allan
Tenant’s document Lease
Florida seaport Tampa
Moon’s path Orbit
Like Swiss mountains Alpine
Diving bird Loon
19th letter Ess
Adjust again Reset
Literary exposition Treatise
Mayday! Sos
Put down Laid
Sailor’s call Ahoy
Ditty Tune
Brought to court Sued
Tomato color Red
Enjoying continual success (3 wds.) Onaroll
Blue ____ Mountains Ridge
Lean against Abut
Slick Oily
Fir or poplar Tree
Plant’s beginning Seed
Practice boxing Spar
Mideast bread Pita
Plenty (2 wds.) Alot
Moderately warm Tepid
Half (prefix) Semi
Scenic view Panorama
Voiced Oral
Of the backbone Spinal
Writing instrument Pen
Group of eight Octet
Clean thoroughly Scrub
Pester Tease
Miscalculated Erred
Marsh grasses Reeds
Golf hazard Trap
Not there Here
Sinister Evil
Make dirty Soil
Chow down Eat
Altar response (2 wds.) Ido
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