Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 12, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Valley Dale
Proficient Adept
Feels unwell Ails
Greek god Eros
Lucky number Seven
Tiny fly Gnat
Tenacious Persistent
Relaxation Ease
Writing tablet Pad
____ Witherspoon of “Just Like Heaven” Reese
Not outer Inner
Folding beds Cots
Portable lamp Lantern
The Devil Satan
Gnome Troll
Overly proper Prim
Desire for food Appetite
Assistants Aides
President before JFK Dde
____ wave Tidal
Goodbye, in Tokyo Sayonara
Tattle Tell
“Aida,” for one Opera
Location Place
Maintains Asserts
Ashen Pale
Backbone Spine
Mink wrap Stole
Tank filler Gas
Lend a ____ Hand
Legislature, in Canada Parliament
Border Edge
Nimble Agile
On top of Onto
Kernel Seed
Citrus fruit Lemon
Sob Weep


Actor Johnny ____ Depp
Neighborhood Area
“____ of the Rings” Lord
Curvy letter Ess
Plus Asset
Despise Detest
Preceding nights Eves
Actress ____ Cruz Penelope
Explosive initials Tnt
Spy Agent
Silly Inane
Intense beam Laser
Strict Stern
Treat pleats Iron
Narrow channel Inlet
Carved brooch Cameo
Swiss mountain Alp
Mineral springs Spas
Diva’s offering Aria
Neat Tidy
Plane spotter Radar
Owner’s proof Title
Mental image Idea
After-bath powder Talc
She, to Pierre Elle
Night sound Snore
Exhibition riding Dressage
Prone Apt
Greek god Apollo
Petition Plea
Fire remains Ashes
Gardener’s tool Spade
Scorch Singe
Stopped Ended
UFO pilot Alien
Slender Trim
Heredity carrier Gene
Initial stake Ante
Cease Stop
Comrade Pal
Cut the lawn Mow
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