Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 14, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Lima’s land Peru
Close noisily Slam
Desert springs Oases
Stratford-on-____ Avon
City transportation Taxi
Purple flower Lilac
____ phone Cell
Served perfectly Aced
Overact Emote
Family chart Tree
Ancient object Relic
Writer’s tool Pen
Picnic pests Ants
Affirm Assert
Talks back Sasses
Brownish gray Taupe
____ Beach (D-Day site) Omaha
Having many skills Versatile
Clamor Din
Mount ____ (Seattle view) Rainier
Drift off Nod
Spoke to Addressed
Burn slightly Singe
Desirable quality Asset
School assignment Lesson
Cavern Grotto
Poet ____ Sandburg Carl
Agt. Rep
Dairy product Cream
Office acronym Asap
Assists a crook Abets
Complexion woe Acne
Appoint Name
Coastal birds Terns
Wrinkle remover Iron
Depicted Drew
Make joyous Elate
Song for two Duet
Transgressions Sins


Treaty Pact
At all times Ever
Part Role
Let loose Unleash
Commences Starts
Shoestrings Laces
Skating jump Axel
Average skirt Midi
Bullfight cry Ole
Ambition Aim
Skiing hill Slope
Diner Eater
Odor Scent
Bring about Cause
Least distant Nearest
More thinly distributed Sparser
Established Set
Fizzy beverage Soda
Surrounded by Amid
Desert material Sand
Principle Tenet
Dry Arid
Clamp Vise
Small hotels Inns
Advertising symbol Logo
Eve’s garden Eden
Business gp. Assoc
Snitch Rat
Oahu and Maui Islands
Bemoan Lament
Rasp Grate
Rise up Rebel
Puccini work Opera
Narrow boat Canoe
Foray Raid
Light brown Ecru
Agra attire Sari
Prayer close Amen
Church seats Pews
Explosive inits. Tnt
Compass dir. Sse
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