Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 15, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Riding whip Crop
____ of Capri Isle
Juan’s father Padre
Stash away Hide
Christmas song Noel
Atlantic or Pacific Ocean
Spoke to Addressed
Quality Trait
Dwell Reside
Race the engine Rev
Besides Else
Perches Sits
Male chicken Rooster
Decree Edict
Stone worker Mason
Zip Zero
Finish an “i” Dot
Heavy linen Damask
Harvest Reap
Ice house Igloo
Family group Clan
Desirable qualities Assets
Ruckus Ado
Show concern Care
Entertain Amuse
Count ____ of jazz Basie
Musical works Sonatas
Ship’s pole Spar
Which person? Whom
Baby’s seat Lap
Monet, e.g. Artist
Corroded Eaten
Drink mixer Bartender
Sports stadium Arena
Falsehoods Lies
Singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
____ bear Teddy
Whirlpool Eddy
Sharp bark Yelp


Scorch Char
Go by bus Ride
Probabilities Odds
Submarine’s viewer Periscope
Map detail Inset
Help! Sos
Sly glance Leer
Church leaders Elders
Cooking vessel Pot
Farm units Acres
Distributed cards Dealt
Rear Raise
Come in Enter
Revise copy Edit
Haitian religion Voodoo
Pollution problem Smog
____ roll (2 wds.) Ona
Biblical prophet Ezra
Bad grades Dees
Retirees’ accts. Iras
Map book Atlas
Dreary Dismal
Paul ____ of The Beatles Mccartney
Woe is me! Alas
Indian attire Sari
Leg joint Knee
Lyric verses Odes
Make a doily Tat
Employable Usable
Uncover Bare
Perspire Sweat
Chicago’s airport Ohare
Recorded Noted
Fix Amend
Sucker Patsy
Reimbursed Paid
Out of work Idle
Broker’s advice Sell
Snare Trap
Negative vote Nay
Primary color Red
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