Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 28, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Adoration Love
Overweight Obese
Left Went
Gorillas Apes
Not fancy Plain
Space Area
Entreats Begs
Ownership Possession
Natural mineral Ore
Love excessively Dote
Unwraps Opens
Proportions Ratios
Waterfowl Loon
Actress ____ Bancroft Anne
Cherubic Angelic
Canvas covers Tarps
Baseball glove Mitt
Space gp. Nasa
China’s continent Asia
Manly Macho
Regrets Rues
Shakespearean king Lear
Singles Ones
West Pointer Cadet
Camper’s lamp Lantern
Stuffing herb Sage
Toothed wheel Gear
Come out Emerge
Performing Doing
Summer coolers Ades
Actor ____ Aykroyd Dan
Available to anyone Unreserved
Papa’s spouse Mama
Kilt wearer Scot
Female relative Niece
Actor ____ Guinness Alec
Perfect scores Tens
Contributor Donor
Jaunty Pert


Toil Labor
Musical drama Opera
Plant eater Vegetarian
Hazardous curve Ess
Go against Oppose
Blemish Blot
Artist’s prop Easel
Family mem. Sis
Compass direction (abbr.) Ene
Bee’s relative Wasp
Ohio lake Erie
Inert gas Neon
Sunbathes Tans
Melody Song
Puts on Dons
To some extent (2 wds.) Inpart
Curses Oaths
Informed of Onto
Infuriate Enrage
Fort ____, FL Lauderdale
Understood! (2 wds.) Isee
Playbill listing Cast
Towering Tall
Drifting Asea
Biblical food Manna
Igloo material Ice
Greater More
Picture takers, for short Cams
Omelet items Eggs
Planter Seeder
Black bird Raven
Player Gamer
Legislate Enact
Polish furniture Dust
At one time Once
Golf club Iron
Seines Nets
Art ____ Deco
Stop End
____ Grande Rio
Atlas chart Map
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