Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 23, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Jump Leap
Gradual Slow
Framed (2 wds.) Setup
Curved doorway Arch
Busy place Hive
Sports locale Arena
Proposed as a candidate Nominated
Tiny insects Gnats
Compass direction (abbr.) Ese
Uncovers Opens
Discharge Emit
Perpetually Ever
Bother Hassle
Type of drum Snare
Finally (2 wds.) Atlast
Reef material Coral
Fangs Teeth
Mineral spring Spa
Dollar bills Ones
Forward thrust Lunge
Envelope part Flap
Pekoe, e.g. Tea
____ Gras (Fat Tuesday) Mardi
Part Piece
Most insignificant Merest
Book part Index
Trip to the post office, e.g. Errand
Mideast nation Iran
Spoil Ruin
Fiend Demon
NY time zone Est
Like Santa’s helpers Elfin
Intricate Elaborate
Violin’s kin Cello
Choir singer Alto
Enthusiastic Avid
Tire pattern Tread
Yard units Feet
That woman’s Hers


Country path Lane
Greek god Eros
Apex Acme
Greek letter Phi
Figure Shape
Printed material Literature
Kiln Oven
Marries Weds
Sink down Sag
Writer ____ Hemingway Ernest
Squads Teams
Up to the time that Until
Glue Paste
Fictional book Novel
Periods in history Eras
Despise Hate
Fire leftover Ash
Aberdeen native Scot
Not any None
Range Area
Looks after Tends
Valid Legitimate
Toboggan Sled
Horse’s gait Pace
Pinnacle Apex
Animal fat Lard
Helsinki native Finn
Chess pieces Men
Musical instrument Piano
Capital of the Philippines Manila
Upright Erect
King, e.g. Ruler
Firearm Rifle
Automaton Robot
Hearing-impaired Deaf
Fashion magazine Elle
Roof projection Eave
Agitate Stir
Koppel and Kennedy Teds
Drift off Nod
Stadium shout Rah
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