Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 24, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pimples Acne
The ____ of March Ides
Fable collector Aesop
Blacken Char
IX Nine
Innocent Naive
Pitcher’s target (2 wds.) Homeplate
Motorist’s aid Atlas
Ram’s mate Ewe
Highway divisions Lanes
Viola’s kin Cello
More sensible Saner
____ voyage! Bon
Trip to the bank, e.g. Errand
Make money Earn
Gallery contents Art
Watch face Dial
Ran in neutral Idled
Dixie general Lee
As a substitute Instead
Certain connector Adapter
Chef’s unit (abbr.) Tsp
Stairs Steps
Long fishes Eels
“You there!” Hey
Fly Soar
Thinly scattered Sparse
Vitality Pep
Aquatic animal Otter
Decorate Adorn
Mixes Stirs
Sedan or coupe Car
Sudden fright Panic
Pass through Penetrate
Avoid capture Elude
Nest contents Eggs
On top of Upon
Moves upward Rises
Bad grades Dees
Disney fish Nemo


Yearn Ache
Grub Chow
Appoint Name
Keats’ “before” Ere
Away from the coast Inland
Journalist ____ Sawyer Diane
Went inside Entered
Looks at Sees
South American snake Anaconda
Consumed Eaten
Window ledge Sill
Track shape Oval
Acapulco coin Peso
Blueprint Plan
Snow melter Salt
Raised dogs Bred
Archie Bunker’s wife Edith
Wash cycle Rinse
Hoarse Raspy
Sorrowful word Alas
Modify Alter
Film spools Reels
Brief Terse
Concept Idea
Basic natures Essences
On Atop
Fleshy fruit Pear
Mentor’s student Protege
Accent Stress
Irritant Pest
Self-respect Pride
Hint of a color Tinge
Imitator Aper
Surrealism’s Salvador ____ Dali
Burden Onus
Hastened Sped
Batman’s wear Cape
Tiny particle Atom
Nevada town Reno
Jog Run
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