Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 26, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Take five Rest
Iron setting Steam
Flower holder Vase
Palo ____ Alto
____ Gras (Shrove Tuesday) Mardi
Spring flower Iris
“Gone with the Wind” setting Plantation
Misdeeds Sins
Playground game Tag
Tailor Alter
Theater platform Stage
Grinding machine Mill
Assumed names Aliases
____ Fools’ Day April
Receded Ebbed
Maui garlands Leis
City officials Aldermen
Diner Eater
Wind direction (abbr.) Sse
San ____ Padres Diego
Saxophone’s kin Clarinet
Droops Sags
Photocopier liquid Toner
Thick Dense
Sweet course Dessert
Scrapes by Ekes
Fixed prices Rates
Silly Inane
Rearward Aft
Cruising Asea
Unsuitable for surgery Inoperable
Pork or beef Meat
Drive back Repel
Noticed Seen
Queries Asks
Observant Alert
Doctor’s “at once!” Stat


Attentive Rapt
She, in Seville Ella
Deer Stag
Cargo weight Ton
Little Small
Squeal Tattle
Toledo’s waterfront Erie
Very cute Adorable
60 secs. Min
Sight Vista
Operatic melodies Arias
Scorch Singe
19th letters Esses
Kite part Tail
One-____ (biased) Sided
Stingy one Miser
Directed Led
Baldwin or Guinness Alec
Chime Peal
Pinup ____ Hayworth Rita
Moisten while cooking Baste
Gets up Rises
Unkind Mean
Omelet items Eggs
Snout Nose
Ceremonial events Rites
Guardian Sentinel
Neither’s companion Nor
The Grim ____ Reaper
Stag Deer
Serious play Drama
Soothes Eases
Sirloin, e.g. Steak
Benches Seats
Prepared to propose Knelt
Slangy refusal Nope
Encourage Abet
Small insect Flea
Portable shelter Tent
George Gershwin’s brother Ira
Pack animal Ass
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