Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 28, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Dairy product Cream
Hospital division Ward
Agile Spry
Jewish cleric Rabbi
Butter alternative Oleo
Dayton’s locale Ohio
Pagan gods Idols
Requirement Necessity
Least daffy Sanest
Categorize Sort
Author ____ Tolstoy Leo
Intrude Pry
Child’s game Tag
Words of comprehension (2 wds.) Isee
Relate again Retell
Baldwin and Guinness Alecs
Hot pepper Jalapeno
Manly Macho
Native minerals Ores
All set Ready
British baby carriage Pram
For this reason Hence
Pirate’s stash Treasure
____ spray Nasal
Morally pure Chaste
Calm Lull
Moist Wet
According to Per
Espionage org. Cia
Fashion name Dior
Calm Sedate
House locations Addresses
Coffee variety Mocha
Stitched line Seam
Certain bills Tens
Implore Plead
Smoked meats Hams
Stash away Stow
Coastal birds Terns


Crunchy Crisp
Speed checker Radar
Dark wood Ebony
Fit Able
Blunder Misstep
Triumphed Won
Pub beverages Ales
Gun jerk Recoil
Achievers Doers
Help! Sos
Singer ____ Collins Phil
Religious ceremony Rite
Stringed toy (hyph.) Yoyo
Water vapor Steam
Spud Tater
Heredity unit Gene
Go by, as time Elapse
Mischievous one Rascal
Reluctant Loath
Light brown Ecru
Singe Char
Indefinite number Some
Beatle ____ Lennon John
Territory Area
Telescope glass Lens
Attract Draw
Positive responses Yeses
Escape Elude
Try Attempt
Storage area Closet
Shopping aids Lists
Trotter’s kin Pacer
Patriot ____ Allen Ethan
Peruses Reads
Ready money Cash
Mental image Idea
Eve’s partner Adam
Nevada city Reno
Distribute Dole
Apt. divisions Rms
Compass pt. Ssw
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