Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 29, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Connecting words Ands
Affirmative votes Ayes
Highly skilled Adept
Consider Deem
Annoying one Pest
River embankment Levee
Mediate Arbitrate
Mushroom “seed” Spore
Slogan Motto
Highway exit Ramp
Similar Akin
Browned bread Toast
Seldom Rarely
Narrate again Retell
Choose by ballot Elect
Pizzeria appliance Oven
Agree Assent
Poetic work Ode
Hamm or Farrow Mia
High card Ace
Freon, e.g. Gas
Bear’s hideaway Den
Shade tree Elm
Most rational Sanest
Incite Goad
Small pies Tarts
Oak nuts Acorns
Receive willingly Accept
Beauty shop Salon
Animal’s den Lair
Tied Even
Adjust Adapt
Borders Edges
Gazelles Antelopes
Desist Cease
Sherbets Ices
Bound Leap
Drinking tube Straw
Wren’s home Nest
Crafts Arts


Eve’s guy Adam
Fiddling emperor Nero
Liability Debt
Infatuated Smitten
Tax mo. Apr
1984 and 2001 Years
Landed properties Estates
Goblet part Stem
Roker and Pacino Als
Leave Depart
Call forth Evoke
Risk Peril
Quite small Teeny
Hammer or screwdriver Tool
Before birth Prenatal
Menu term (3 wds.) Alacarte
Performs onstage Acts
Italy’s capital Rome
Sinister Evil
Athletic group Team
Table parts Legs
Forwarded Sent
Fragrance Odor
College official Dean
Purposes Ends
Office acronym Asap
Perfume Essence
Venetian boat Gondola
Calcutta’s Mother ____ Teresa
Furnace fuel Coal
Guinness and Baldwin Alecs
Military student Cadet
Havana export Cigar
Poker stakes Antes
Conceited Vain
Copier Aper
Soil enricher Peat
Recipe abbr. Tsps
Stitch Sew
RI time zone Est
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