Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 30, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Heidi’s mountains Alps
Fern “seed” Spore
Carbonated beverage Soda
Not imaginary Real
Wall board Panel
Mideast country Iran
Mythical giant Ogre
Speed up Accelerate
Counterpart Mate
Wanted Needed
Statute Law
Breathing Alive
Cut Snip
Basement Cellar
Obtained illegally Stolen
Water (Fr.) Eau
Slander Libel
Fixed gaze Stare
Skilled Able
Jeopardy Peril
Spades or clubs Suit
Peruses Reads
Noblewomen Dames
____ Plaines Des
Scattered Strewn
Deny Negate
At no time, poetically Neer
Tossed Threw
Undercover gp. Cia
Nome’s state Alaska
Not active Idle
Comprehend Understand
Rodents Rats
School orgs. Ptas
Lubricated Oiled
Narrow opening Slot
A few Some
Short messages Notes
Certain bills Tens


Fragrance Aroma
Lawful Legal
Specific Particular
Garment part Sleeve
Extend over Span
Horse’s gait Pace
Fairy tale starter Once
Marsh grasses Reeds
Burstyn and DeGeneres Ellens
Respectful title Sir
Voiced Oral
Computer output Data
Over again Anew
Corrects copy Edits
Building wing Ell
Cooking vessels Pots
Mouth part Lip
Sleeping Abed
Aired again Reran
Fort ____, FL Lauderdale
Famed canal Erie
Butterfly catchers Nets
Corn units Ears
Encourage Abet
Green citrus fruit Lime
Genesis locale Eden
Lower limb Leg
Curse Swear
Took a chair Sat
Singer Willie ____ Nelson
Desire for water Thirst
Math proportion Ratio
Musician ____ John Elton
Mae and Adam Wests
Drinking vessels Cups
Absorbed by Into
First man Adam
Pepper’s companion Salt
Leg hinge Knee
Does sums Adds
Vane letters Ese
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