Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 04, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Actress ____ Blair Linda
Detective’s assignment Case
Between Amid
Laker Shaquille ____ Oneal
Comedian Sandler Adam
Stance Pose
Stable section Stall
Explorer Marco ____ Polo
____ Macpherson Elle
Most painful Sorest
Made a witty reply Retorted
Declaration Statement
Association (abbr.) Org
French buddy Ami
Mea ____ Culpa
Diner dessert Pie
Rip apart Rend
____ photography Aerial
Eve’s garden Eden
Future flowers Seeds
James ____ Jones Earl
Vacation spot Resort
Fuse metal Weld
____ de Janeiro Rio
Sports ring Arena
Oahu garland Lei
Wind dir. Ssw
Swiftest Speediest
Coniferous evergreen (2 wds.) Pinetree
Expire Perish
Water bird Loon
Large vases Urns
Of sound Audio
Has debts Owes
Mideast bread Pita
Clairvoyants Seers
Lacking color Pale
____ pilot Test
Remove Erase


Defeat Loss
Interested by Into
Approach Near
Glens Dales
Sports VIP (hyph.) Allstar
Baseball hat Cap
Love greatly Adore
Massachusetts city Salem
Ham it up Emote
Camera opening Aperture
Lose feathers Molt
Man or Wight Isle
Land document Deed
Least wild Tamest
Single time Once
Fork feature Tine
Musical drama Opera
Passenger Rider
Web-footed birds Geese
Fibbers Liars
France’s capital Paris
Let Allow
Lawn moisture Dew
Snoozing Asleep
Hogwash Nonsense
Sub store Deli
Completely absorbed Rapt
Ailment Disease
Explode Erupt
Uncanny Eerie
Fender dimples Dents
More loyal Truer
Falling sound Plop
Nebraska’s neighbor Iowa
Christmas song Noel
Bright thought Idea
Misters Sirs
Stockings Hose
Fri. follower Sat
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